As an innovative, strategic knowledge partner, ATS Global will ensure the visibility of production processes in order for customers to achieve their business goals through digital transformation in the food and beverage industry. Complete visibility of production processes is important since it enables the increase of manufacturing flexibility and the enhancement of operational efficiency while raising quality.
ATS Global provides a range of services for clients such as improving new product introduction, handling the growing complexity of product lines, reducing the regulatory compliance workload, managing the business supply chain, or speeding up the technology adoption cycle. ATS Global provides consultancy, solutions, services and support that guarantee the best outcome.

Regulatory compliance solutions for the food and beverage industry

Although the food and beverage industry is advancing technologically, the regulatory environment still constrains innovation and flexibility, with quality inspections becoming harder to manage and increasing amounts of data needing to be collected through the full product lifecycle.
Globalisation is also playing its part by blurring geographical boundaries, with advanced technology allowing the international exchange of goods with just the click of a button. However, its smooth operation requires the ability to work effectively with cross-border regulatory requirements and local standards.
ATS Global has international experience and regional knowledge that ensures the identification of digital transformation opportunities with the aim of making regulatory compliance up and down the supply chain a by-product of a digitally controlled process.
By implementing effective digital transformation solutions, the barriers to compliance are greatly reduced and inspections are simplified, minimising the time and cost of producing documented evidence and providing actionable real-time data.
Additionally, ATS Global’s regulatory compliance solutions for the food and beverage industry enable customers to respond more effectively to inspections, prevent quality issues and add value to the entire product lifecycle from field to fork and back again using closed-loop feedback.

Seasonal demand response solutions for the food and beverage industry

Seasonal shifts in demand affect every company across the food and beverage supply chain. Responding to these changes requires flexibility at every stage of the product life cycle.
ATS Global guarantees that flexibility by helping with the planning and implementation of a digital transformation for customer businesses.
Whether it’s implementing an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution so that clients can prepare for the future, deploying paperless quality inspection software adapted to specific requirements, or increasing the ease with which clients can adapt the productivity of production lines, ATS Global will find the solutions that best fit their business goals.
Therefore, the solutions the company provides are fully customisable. As an independent solution provider to the food and beverage industry, ATS Global is able to suggest the best hardware and software that fits customer needs, no matter the brand.

Production planning solutions for the food and beverage industry

To be competitive, clients need a planning and scheduling solution that can provide long-term strategic planning covering months and years, medium-term tactical planning with a few weeks planning horizon, as well as detailed sequencing and scheduling.
ATS helps customers digitalise their planning and scheduling, moving away from ERP systems and spreadsheets, with specialised APS solutions.
As products and processes grow in complexity, a true APS solution will promote growth and operational excellence. With the right solution, clients reduce complexity and WiP stocks, increase flexibility, improve on-time delivery and enhance productivity.

Innovation cycle solutions for the food and beverage industry

Traditionally, the food and beverage industry has had a fairly slow innovation cycle, with new ways of working becoming well established in other industries before they make their way over. This is a missed opportunity ATS is working to rectify.
The core objective of ATS Global is to de-risk technological innovation through a design-thinking approach. We leverage the latest tools, developed in collaboration with academic and industry associations, to bring futuristic technologies into the manufacturing world.
Our industry specialists work with clients to identify and implement scalable solutions quickly and effectively, reducing your time to market (TTM) and your overall costs.

Production complexity solutions for the food and beverage industry

When channelled effectively, complexity within the food and beverage manufacturing environment produces a wealth of benefit. ATS Global wants to help customers harness those complexities to give them the flexibility of responding faster than competitors and quickly adapt to changes in market demand.
To achieve the best results, ATS Global follows a holistic approach, combining the principles of MES/MOM, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma with our ingrained knowledge across technologies and industries.
The company’s consultancy, solutions and support are all targeted at removing unknowns and blind spots from the food and beverage manufacturing processes, providing clients with the visibility required for fully informed decision making.