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Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers, Vibrating Dewaterers and Vibrating Screeners

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The Witte Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of vibrating fluid bed dryers and vibrating fluid bed coolers, vibrating dewaterers, vibrating screeners, and related process equipment.

Witte has developed many innovations in machine design, all the while refining what has become its signature vertical air-flow engineering. The company has a track record for operational dependability, safety and longevity; Quaker, Pepsi, Nichols Farms, Hershey, M&M Mars, Nestles, Golden Dipt, Far East Foods, Planters / Life Savers, Newly Weds foods, Sesaco and other global leaders in the food and related process industries have relied on Witte’s equipment for decades.

In addition to guaranteeing the workmanship of its equipment, Witte also guarantees the equipment’s performance in your processing. Privately-owned and operated since its founding in 1938, Witte has earned a stellar reputation for engineering expertise, craftsmanship and personal service.

Customised vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers

Witte custom designs vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers to meet demanding specifications for moisture content, shape, purity and other parameters. Drying the product while gradually moving it forward toward the discharge, Witte fluid bed dryers gently handle virtually any product, including starch, flour, salt, nuts, cocoa, coffee, grain, rice, soup mix, cheese powder, milk powder, cereals, flavorings, spices, instant tea – just about everything you can think of.

Vertical airflow engineering for fluid bed dryers

Witte’s signature vertical airflow engineering is based on the fact that drying or cooling air flowing vertically through the product dries more efficiently than air that ‘short circuits’ at an angle. In fact, air flowing at even slightly more or less than 90° creates dead spaces where drying is weak and hot spots where drying is too strong. This causes charring, clogging and layering, which all lead to stoppages for cleaning and high reject rates.

In a Witte system, air flows vertically, perpendicular to the fluid bed deck, and at a constant velocity. This ensures uniform heat history throughout the entire length of the system.

The result is a thin layer of product in intimate contact with the air flowing delicately and evenly from feed to discharge, with the first product in as the first product out. To achieve this precise airflow control, Witte devised an advanced air distribution system and pioneering wedge-wire decks and autoweirs that work together for maximum drying and energy efficiency.

Vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers and vibrating screeners for food technology

Witte offers a range of custom and off-the-shelf systems and equipment proven to increase productivity and upgrade end product uniformity in pellet operations. These include vibrating fluid bed dryers, vibrating fluid bed coolers, and vibrating screeners.

Vibrating fluid bed dryers and screeners

Whether designing a classifier, dryer, dewaterer or other machinery, Witte engineers ensure each machine complies with EPA/EU regulations, provides unmatched safety features and invites easy access to the entire system for cleaning.

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