The clever Witte C-20 clamp from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Company, Washington, New Jersey (US), permanently mounts on machinery to seal covers, housings, panels, doors and other parts together yet retracts easily for fast access to the interior. Joining with 750lbs of force, the Witte clamp enables design engineers to replace welding, riveting and other fixed fastening systems with a clamp system that eliminates inaccessible spaces at the design stage and permits inspections, part replacement, cleaning and other maintenance to be performed without requiring human entry inside the unit.

Safeguarding workers from exposure to potentially harmful situations, the Witte clamp eliminates concern for compliance with OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.146 regulating permit-required confined space entry as well as the need for respirators, suits and associated safety gear.

Ideal for design engineers, product managers and others involved in designing machinery and equipment for safe, efficient operation, the Witte clamp is proven in use on machine parts of steel, aluminum, plastic, composite, wood and other materials, even in different thicknesses. The Witte clamp is available in a choice of a forging, cast aluminum and stainless steel construction or in 100% FDA-approved 303 stainless steel to meet USDA regulations and 3-A standards for the food and dairy industries.