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Quality Management, Climate Control and Security Systems for the Food Industry

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7P's environmental and security monitoring systems enhance food safety and help to create a more efficient supply chain.

7P’s environmental and security monitoring systems enhance food safety and help to create a more efficient supply chain.

The company’s GPS hardware and advanced RouteWatch software platform maintain product integrity and protects clients brands.

Full compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) can be ensured throughout cold chain food logistics using 7P’s advanced environmental monitoring systems.

Climate control and environmental monitoring

7P understands the importance of protecting the climate controlled food supply chain.

The company’s unique GPS devices provide complete transparency and climate management from farm to consumer by sending real-time alarms when products are handled outside of predetermined tolerances.

RouteWatch maintains a complete trip history tracking of:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Shock and vibration
  • Air pressure and light exposure
  • 3D orientation

Security monitoring

7P offers comprehensive cargo security options with covert and overt GPS devices. Supply chain security capabilities are powered by RouteWatch, the same software that monitors product integrity.

This proprietary technology platform enables:

  • Real-time transport video surveillance and linear geo-fencing
  • 24hr GPS tracking and monitoring
  • Security alerts, alarms and redundancies
  • Cargo insurance reductions

Climate control in a secure web-based system

The transportation environmental monitoring system (TEMS) is a client interfacing software module that allows clients to manage their climate control food supply chain.

There is no software required and all collected data is managed securely using redundant server banks. Through secure user names and passwords, users are given access to the information they require to perform their job functions.

The intelligent solution uses GPS and GSM communications to retrieve the required data, removing most of the human intervention.

Quality management

Working with transportation, logistics, security and quality management teams, 7P will develop a customised and comprehensive cold chain shipment solution with standard operating procedures to fit a specific product’s distribution, security, quality and compliance requirements.

Allowing 7P to perform food safety audits on current climate control carriers will ensure companies meet governmental regulations, as well as their specific requirements.

White Papers

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Over the last few years in the pharmaceutical climate controlled supply chain, various technological innovations have made real-time monitoring of shipments possible.

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Products & services

  • GD100

    GD100 can conduct cargo theft investigations by using a built-in light sensor to determine when packages are being tampered or opened.

  • EMM Probe

    The EMM probe can be used as an optional extension for the GL300W tracker.

  • GL300W

    GL300W is a water resistant GPS locator designed for asset tracking applications.

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