The plant-based food industry is one of the most rapidly growing industrial segments in the world. A number of factors are contributing to this growth, the primary one being a significant increase in the number of consumers seeking vegan/vegetarian food options. Additionally, some consumers want to replace some meat-based protein with plant-based protein, for a healthier diet, and finally there is an increasing cultural desire to reduce the environmental impact and contribution to global warming caused by the beef and dairy industries.

Anton Paar’s portfolio of analytical instrumentation can help accelerate the formulation, development, production and quality control of novel, safe, shelf-stable and great-tasting plant-based foods. Characterise consistency, mouthfeel, stability, and safety. Accurately measure key properties related to rheology, viscosity, particle size, density, oxygen content, oxidation and colloidal stability, and consistency.

It is the most versatile tool for efficient, convenient, and safe microwave-assisted analytical and synthetic chemistry.

Plant-Based meat:

  • Determine the rheological properties of the material to ensure desired and uniform consistency
  • Monitor rheological properties under specific temperature conditions to ensure desired behaviour during roasting or cooking
  • Asses the texture and mouthfeel to better mimic animal-based meats

Plant-Based Dairy:

  • Measure the viscosity and flow properties of plant- and nut-based milks
  • Improve the shelf-life of plant-based drinks using oxygen measurements
  • Investigate the consistency of margarine and other edible fats
  • Assess the particle size range to determine product consistency
  • Confirm colloidal stability of plant-based milk products

Plant-Based Oils and Food Additives:

  • Estimate the shelf-life using oxidation stability measurements
  • Measure the viscosity and flow properties of raw additives as well as finished products
  • Assess the safety of food additives via sample preparation and heavy metals analysis
  • Analyse the purity and quality of vegetable fats and oils

For more on how Anton Paar’s analytical instruments can help you make amazing plant-based foods download our e-book “The Future of Plant-Based Food Analysis”.

The e-book contains numerous application examples including measuring the density, particle size, structural/flow properties, stability and safety of plant-based meats, dairy products and additives.

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