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Measuring Instruments for the Food and Beverage Industries

Anton Paar offers food testing, as well as quality control and research services for the food and drinks sectors.

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Anton Paar provides solutions in food testing and quality control processes.  Our laboratory and process measuring instruments are used in the control of incoming goods, quality control and research throughout production in the food industry. The product portfolio ranges from portable measuring instruments over high-precision automated laboratory or process measurement technology to individual industry-specific solutions.

Full range of products for your chocolate production

When it comes to chocolate production, nothing is more important than the quality of the end product. At Anton Paar, we offer solutions across the whole process.

  • For measuring the mouthfeel of your chocolate, there is the PSA Series to determine both particle size and distribution of chocolate’s raw ingredients.
  • The Autotap will analyse tapped density allowing you to understand packing density and transportation.
  • With our rheometers or viscometers – ViscoQC, RheolabQC, and MCR 72/92 – determine the flow behaviour at different shear rates, the yield point, and the dynamic viscosity to optimise the conching process for a perfect coverage of chocolate surfaces giving you a perfect chocolate melt.
  • Solid density measurement with our Ultrapyc series is for services on the crystallisation of fats and sugars and occluded air.
  • Anton Paar also provides process sensors for the food production plant. With L-Vis, our inline viscometer determines the viscosity of chocolate and dough. With L-Rix, our inline refractometer, monitor the proper mixing of your recipe by determining concentration during production.

Quality and compliance for your dairy products

At Anton Paar, we know that dairy products are subject to strong quality control regulations throughout production and packaging which is why we offer a range of instruments to help you adhere to them.

The Alex 500 determines the alcohol and extract content in beer, wine, cider, spirits, liqueurs and sake.
The CboxQC is a combined CO2 and DO meter for measuring dissolved CO2 and O2 in the production environment.
L-Rix is Anton Paar’s durable, maintenance-free inline refractometer for real-time concentration measurements and production control of raw, intermediate, and final products.
Anton Paar’s MCR 72 is a modular compact rheometer ideal to measure your samples flow behaviour.
The Multiwave 5000 is a single microwave digestion platform for all your needs.
The Litesizer can easily characterise nanoparticles and microparticles at the touch of a button.
Anton Paar’s ViscoQC rotational viscometers ensure your substance keeps its quality from liquid to semi-solid.
Anton Paar’s Autotap provides a high level of test method control with a user-selectable, lockable number of taps.
  • Anton Paar’s inline density process sensors, density meters, and refractometers will guarantee you the highest quality standards for your milk. You can observe changes in density and determine the fat content of solids (fat, proteins, lactose, minerals, vitamins) in both milk and milk products.
  • The Litesizer monitors the particle size and the zeta potential of whole and skimmed milk, giving you valuable information about the quality and stability of your product.
  • For milk powder production and storage, our powder rheometers let you imitate manufacturing, storage, transport, and dissolution. Flowability, compressibility, and permeability are offered as sensitive methods of quality control for products like coffee creamer powders.
  • Our microwave digestion systems have vessel concepts, state-of-the-art sensor technology, and the highest safety standards to detect toxic elements in different kinds of food.

Overcome the difficulty of production of grain and starch

Grain and starch can be difficult to process, store, mix, and pump. With our measuring solutions, overcome these challenges and fully control your production and your end product with our vast instrument portfolio.

  • Measure the different types of starch with the powder flow cell and the powder shear cell.
  • If you need a simpler way of determining the viscosity of starch (e.g. in a circle during heating, cooking, and cooling), there is the viscometer in the ViscoQC series.
  • Use the Ultrapyc to determine the skeletal density of grain.
  • If you are looking to test shelf life then the RapidOxy 100 gives you an easy, fast, and safe determination of oxidation and storage stability without any sample preparation.
  • In line with ISO 1743, refractometry determines the dry matter content of corn syrups, which are widely used in bakery products, confectioneries, and ice cream. With an Anton Paar Abbemat refractometer, you can measure the partly high-viscous syrups (acid converted, enzymatic, or dual-converted) fast and precisely – no need for dilution.
  • The inline refractometer L-Rix for food production plants monitors concentration during the cooking process and gelation.

Perfect production, quality control and R&D across the beverage industry

With laboratory and process measurement systems from Anton Paar, you can determine more than 14 of the most important parameters for quality control and R&D in the beverage industry.

  • Combine over 25 instruments to streamline quality
  • Trace 15+ parameters from any location in the plant
  • Calibration and adjustment at the push of a button
  • Over 40 years of expertise in the beer industry
  • Global support and service from local specialists

For example, the Alex 500 determines the alcohol and extract content in beer, wine, cider, spirits, liqueurs and sake. Customers can also measure the alcohol content in their beverages with Anton Paar’s Next-Level Density Meters. They are the fastest, most intelligent benchtop density meters we’ve made to date giving you compliance with a range of standards. Plus measure dissolved CO₂ and O₂ in the production environment with the CboxQC.

About Anton Paar

Anton Paar is based in Graz, Austria, and employs more than 4,000 people in total. We operate eight other producing subsidiaries and 35 sales divisions worldwide.

The company’s core competence, high-precision production, combined with its close contact with the scientific community, form the basis for the quality of its instruments.

Anton Paar is owned by the charitable Santner Foundation.

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