Our new Litesizer DIA 500 helps customers characterise the size and shape of particles via analysis of their direct images.


  • Measure particles in the 0.8µm to 8000µm range
  • Analyse size, shape, and image in one digital space with the Kalliope software
  • Rely on several safety features: IP41-certified, safety cover, and suction check
  • Measure various samples with three dispersion units – Liquid Flow (wet), Dry Jet (compressed air), and Free Fall (gravitational fall) – and switch between them in one move
  • Leverage automated features for sample feeding rates, as well as filling, draining, and rinsing dispersion liquids

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About Anton Paar

For many decades, Anton Paar has combined precise mechanical production with the latest achievements in the fields of research and development. In recent years, Anton Paar GmbH has invested up to 20% of its annual turnover in research and development. The company offers analytical solutions that are produced within its nine producing sites (in Europe and the US). Additionally, the company has created a soccer simulator: in the ‘skills.lab’, professionals and amateurs can perfect their skills under real conditions.