Top-Class Instrumentation: Powder Rheology to X-Ray Diffraction

Discover Anton Paar’s wide range of analytical instrumentation focused on food powder analysis.

From finding the right formulation to optimising storage stability, we’ve got you covered:

  • Powder rheology to understand flow behaviour
  • Particle size and size distribution to optimise powder formulations
  • Skeletal density to determine volume filling characteristics
  • Surface area determination to assess powder solubility
  • Sample preparation for ICP-MS to detect metal content
  • Oxidation stability investigation to determine shelf-life
  • X-ray diffraction for purity, stability and crystallinity characterisation

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About Anton Paar

For 100 years, Anton Paar has combined high-precision technology with scientific curiosity and a thirst for research. Today, it’s the global market leader in the fields of density and concentration measurement, rheometry, and CO₂ measurement. Many of the world’s leading companies, across beer, wine and soft drink production, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, and chocolate and cell phone display manufacture,  rely on the technical know-how and instruments of the Anton Paar Group. Anton Paar has 45 sister companies and subsidiaries, as well as 50 sales partners, and operates in more than 110 countries globally. The non-profit Santner Private Foundation has been the owner of the company since 2003.