Customers can upgrade their existing benchtop density meter(s) of any brand including Anton Paar to the best-in-class density meter, DMA 5001.

They can also trade in their old benchtop density meter and upgrade to the DMA 5001 for the price of a DMA 4101.

With density meters from Anton Paar, clients can measure more accurately, tighten their product specifications, and boost their product quality. A three-year warranty is also offered, backed by the world-renowned Anton Paar service and support network.

Why do you need a DMA 5001?

Whatever your industry from food and beverages to pharmaceutical to petroleum, the DMA 5001 will measure the density of your product.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to six-digit accuracy without drifts
  • Perfect for highly dense samples
  • Auto-correction for highly viscous samples
  • Ideal for high-end R&D applications, authorities, and standards organisations

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