If you need to analyse and monitor your food ingredients then take a look at these application reports.

Quality control of food coatings, sauces and dressings

The ViscoQC rotational viscometer range from Anton Paar is the ideal tool for the analysis and monitoring of food ingredients. A wide range of accessories ensures all types of samples and applications can be tested. These include low sample volume sets and precise temperature control without water baths.

The instruments are designed for ease of use and to minimise measuring errors. Sauces and coatings need to be shear thinning. When applying, a sauce has to flow easily, but afterwards, it should stay on the food and not run off. The ViscoQC 300 is able to perform multi-step analysis to determine shear-dependent behaviour.  Read more here.

Monitoring the consistency of food ingredients

The PNR 12 from Anton Paar is a gravity penetrometer and measures the resistance a material provides against being pierced. A needle-shaped or conical test body is lowered precisely to the sample surface and then sinks into the material by its own weight during a defined period of time.

Penetration testing does not require highly skilled operators and can be carried out in production areas. It can be used to test ingredients, coatings or finished foodstuffs. PNR 12 is available with a comprehensive range of test kits to perform all commonly performed penetration tests. Read more here.

Oxidation stability and shelf life prediction

Autoxidation is a major cause of food deterioration, potentially leading to the formation of undesirable off-flavours and the degradation of essential nutrients. The oxidation process of a product is affected by parameters such as composition, and processing during production or storage.

For a positive impact on shelf-life, the effect of any alterations to these parameters needs to be assessed easily and rapidly.

The Rapidoxy 100 offers a short test duration and easy cleaning between samples. This allows you to run comparative tests of more blends and anti-oxidant components.

The instrument design and minimal sample preparation mean that you can test rapidly test finished products, coatings and ingredients. The technique means you do not need to rely on chemical analysis requiring trained personnel. When used with the Oxylog 100 software, you can also predict potential shelf life. Read more here.

Monitoring the oxidation stability of cocoa solids & flavouring extracts

The RapidOxy 100 can be a powerful investigation tool to guarantee the success of this process. The benefits and possible sample variety of the fully automatic Rapid Small-Scale Oxidation Test (RSSOT) have been demonstrated on semi-solid cocoa mass samples and on liquid vanilla extract samples in the latest Application Report from Anton Paar.

The Rapidoxy 100 allows rapid comparison testing, with results available in minutes or hours rather than days. It requires small sample volumes and its ease of use and minimal cleaning between tests ensure that precious laboratory resources are used most efficiently. Read more here.

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