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Development Management Software for Consumer Goods

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BLUE Software’s brand lifecycle management programme provides branded consumer goods and retail industry customers with automated workflow, online proofing, and digital asset library creation.

These solutions help consumer goods brands handle the management of packaging for stock keeping units (SKU) with speed and agility.

Comprehensive key performance indicator e-reporting software

BLUE features comprehensive e-reporting capabilities, which provide key performance indicator (KPI) reports for the quick identification of issues. Critical business information, such as product delays and bottlenecks can also be highlighted.

The software automatically captures data from projects, so manual entry is not required. It also tracks trends across various similar projects, which enables management of recurring issues for process improvement.

BLUE features a bank of commonly occurring KPI reports, which can be expanded through the Data Library.

Online proofing and management for print, artwork, and online copy

BLUE’s Online Proofing Module streamlines tasks, such as the assessing and proofing of artwork and copy. With multiple viewing options, it enables the user to compare and annotate artwork for print, video, and online copy for easy project collaboration.

The analysis tools work with a wide variety of file formats and the video viewing window includes tools such as time-stamped annotations for ease-of-use.

In addition, BLUE Copy Management acts as a copy repository, providing a single location for copy owners and approvers to access stored copy elements. These can then be designated to the correct artwork using extensible markup language (XML). This ensures consistency if the same ingredient panel needs to be present on different sizes of packaging, or if a promotional line or warning label needs to be applied over several designs.

Using BLUE Copy Management reduces manual touch-points, improves quality and consistency, and cuts costs for artwork revsions.

Implementation of lifecycle management software

BLUE Software’s team can help supply a documented system implementation lifecycle (SILC). Every system roll-out is done with a well-defined and time-tested process, while schedule, quality, scope and budget are monitored and controlled.

Implementation is undertaken in cooperation with the client’s project manager in a partnered approach. All project phases are defined, stating the required resources, activities, deliverables, and sign-offs.

A validation package is available, which can save time in the overall implementation timeline.

About BLUE Software

BLUE Software’s lifecycle management system is used by some of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. The company has supplied proofing and automation solutions since 1997, gaining in-depth knowledge and experience in graphics and content management.

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Products & services

  • BLUE Business Intelligence

    BLUE Business Intelligence helps utilise workflow data to generate insightful reports on label and artwork processes.

  • BLUE Digital Asset Manager

    BLUE Digital Asset Manager helps manage and distribute a wide variety of digital assets, featuring content such as marketing and legal texts aimed at a number of different audiences.

  • BLUE Online Proofing

    With the BLUE Online Proofing service aims to ease deployment of artwork, video, and digital content for packaging label approval.

  • BLUE Workflow Management

    The BLUE Workflow Management service helps organize the creative, brand, and regulatory aspects of label and artwork production.

BLUE Software
8430 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue
Suite 1100
United States of America

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