Arla Foods is a Danish dairy food company with operations in various countries across Europe. The company is recognized in the 2023 Just Food Excellence Awards in the Innovation and Product Launches areas as it introduced new ingredients, infant formulas and a fermented drinks line.

One of the company’s most intriguing breakthroughs came in the form of a new whey-based solution that can be used to create clear, protein-enriched products.

Based on Lacprodan HYDRO 365 and Nutrilac Fo-8751, the solution allows for the creation of high-protein fermented products that remain clear not cloudy. The ingredient is also lactose-free with easily digestible protein.

Arla also released a new alpha-lactalbumin-rich baby formula ingredient, Lacprodan ALPHA-50, that aims to provide a high nutrient content with low levels of protein.

Studies have shown that high protein intake during infancy can cause unnecessary weight gain, the solution is typically to create formula with alpha-lactalbumin.  

Arla claims its new ingredient provides 90% of the formula’s protein content allowing smaller doses to match the make-up of human milk.

Company Profile

Arla Foods is a Danish producer of dairy products.

The company’s product portfolio includes milk, milk powder, butter, yoghurt, cheese, spreads and other dairy products.

Arla Foods markets its products under the brands of Anchor, Lurpak, Castello, Lactofree, Apetina, Lurpak, Baby and Me, Dano, Cheasy, Natura, Yoggi, Skyr, Kaergarden and Buko.

The company sells its products across Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Finland, Germany, China, Russia, and countries in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Arla Foods is headquartered in Viby, Denmark.