How to enter

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How does winning an award benefit you?

All companies and institutions are invited to submit evidence to the rankings research via the submission of case studies. Case studies are any projects, deals or news related to the company in the 12 months back from our submission deadline.

Submitting your case studies is the best way to ensure that we are aware of the innovative and outstanding work you are doing so you get the credit you deserve.

Taking part in the Excellence Awards offers your company many benefits including being able to tell the market, new and prospective clients about your achievement. We also offer a range of marketing packages to winners.

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  • An independent endorsement from the Excellence Awards positions your business as a trustworthy brand that delivers
  • The Excellence Awards’ brand is both nationally and Internationally recognized as a mark of excellence in the industry
  • Recognition from our trusted program is an excellent tool that gives your company the opportunity of being seen as an industry expert
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  • Excellent for the morale of your employees who drive the change in the industry
  • Positive endorsement motivates teams to work harder to deliver new initiatives
  • Success and independent recognition attract more professional interest which helps to attract top-tier partners and employees to work with your business
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Business Growth

  • Get ahead of your competition
  • Independent endorsement of excellence helps to win new contracts and public tenders
  • Winners reported an increase in their business activity as a direct result of being recognized and promoted by our platform
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Brand Validation

  • Exceptional PR opportunity delivered by our editorial team
  • Share your success story with our audience of 10+ millions of professionals
  • Success attracts more success which increases the engagement level on your social media platforms
  • Increase traffic to your website by being promoted via our website, weekly newsletters and social media platforms