Bell Group, the Swiss meat processor, revealed its sales increased by 20% in 2016, increasing to more than CHF3bn (US$3bn) “for the first time”.

The company said sales totalled CHF3.35bn last year Value growth was supported by a 50.5% increase in sales volumes. 

“This strong growth was mainly driven by the acquisitions,” the company said in a statement. 

Bell completed a number of deals in 2016 that broadened its product portfolio and extended its processed packaged foods offering. Bell has been strengthening its position in channels such as foodservice and in categories such as vegetarian and meat-free. 

In September, Bell acquired Swiss foodservice supplier Geiser, a month earlier it snapped up local charcuterie firm Cher Mignon, and in February it took control of Swiss convenience salad maker Eisberg. Most recently, in January, Bell acquired Swiss veggie group Frostag.

The company said its full 2016 results will be published on 23 February.