Germany will be the latest country to adopt the Nutri-Score front-of-pack food labelling system when the scheme comes into force there this autumn.

Nutri-Score is a ‘traffic light’ nutritional-profile system rating products from good to bad in areas such as sugar, salt and fat levels.

The voluntary scheme has already been introduced in countries including France and Belgium.

The German authorities announced last October the country would be introducing the scheme, created in France, after conducting consumer research.

Confirming its introduction this autumn, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) said: “The new, expanded nutrition labelling offers consumers guidance and assistance when shopping for food – clearly visible on the front of the packaging. By labelling their products, companies contribute to more consumer information and transparency.”

It added: “The Nutri-Score makes sense – for consumers as well as for companies France and Belgium are already using the Nutri-Score [while] other EU states such as Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands are also planning or discussing the introduction of this extended nutrition labelling.”

The BMEL said a representative study showed that the majority of consumers in Germany prefer the Nutri-Score to other nutrition labelling systems because it is understandable at a glance.

Individual food companies including Nestlé have also adopted the Nutri-Score system.

Earlier this month, Germany said it was open to the idea of placing restrictions on ‘junk food’ advertising.