Kellogg has intensified its bid to tap its Special K cereal brand into demand for on-the-go products in the US with a new line of snacks.

The company, which already markets Special K snack bars in the country, has launched snack “bites”.

“We continue to hear from women that they want more snack options that are portable but don’t sacrifice taste or nutrition,” Matt Lindsay, senior director of brand marketing for Kellogg’s wholesome snacks unit, said.

Special K Nourish Bites are available in two flavours: dark chocolate pistachio and blueberry almond quinoa. A Special K Protein Bites line comes in peanut butter chocolate and caramel nut variants.

Earlier this year, Kellogg announced the launch of a raft of “nutritious” products in North America, insisting each new item was created “to specifically meet the diverse needs of today’s grocery shopper”.

Last week, Kellogg revealed plans to change the delivery model for its US snacks business to cut costs, “reduce complexity” and drive growth.

Kellogg also reported it had successfully strengthened its operating margins during 2016 but failed to halt a drop in revenue with more of the same forecast for the coming year.