Kellogg is eyeing the vending channel in a number of markets with a new product from flagship savoury-snacks brand Pringles.

The US giant is launching Pringles Minis this month, with two flavours initially available – original and sour cream & onion.

The snacks, sold in 30g bags, will be available in the UK, France, Germany and Italy, targeting the travel and office markets.

Without citing stats and reflecting on the UK, Kellogg added in a statement: “Pringles is the growth engine of the chips and snacks category in the UK and with a consumer target that over-indexes in out-of-home consumption, promises to extend this growth to vending.”

Last month, Kellogg announced the launch of more breakfast “bowl” products in a bid to try to tap into what the company said is a trend in the UK for “deskfasting”. The bowls will go on sale next month.

This month will also see Kellogg roll out two new All-Bran cereals in the UK that contain prebiotic fibre in the form of chicory root inulin.