Quorn Foods, the UK-based meat-free business owned by Philippines group Monde Nissin, is expanding its range to include new Chilli & Lime Fillets.

Quorn said the “spicy new offering can be used to create delicious meals that are high in protein and low in saturated fat”.

Global marketing director Peter Harrison said: “2017 is going to be a huge year for Quorn. Meat reduction, vegan, and vegetarian diets continuously appear to be on an upwards trajectory and I have no doubt that the demand for healthy, sustainable protein sources, such as Quorn, will be at an all-time high on a global scale in the next few years.”

“Our step change towards encouraging consumers to discover Quorn has been developed to appeal to consumers looking to try a wider range of ingredients without compromising on taste,” Harrison said.

The new product will be rolled out across UK stores from 6 March with an RRP of GBP2.50 (US$3.10).

The new product coincides with a GBP10m Quorn brand relaunch, which will see “key taste notes” on the front of new “modern two-tone slate and orange design” packs.

The move comes after Quorn settled a lawsuit in the US over a claim on its packaging. A class action lawsuit filed in a court in California alleged Quorn “misled” consumers into buying products made from fermented mold. The claimants said packaging implied product contained mushroom-based protein.

Quorn agreed to a nationwide settlement but continued to deny any wrongdoing and disputed the claims.