As consumers continue to seek nutrition sourced from plant proteins, clean and closer-to-nature food ingredients such as pea protein will continue to grow in popularity. ADM’s pea protein portfolio is created with functionality in mind. ADM’s pea protein features great taste, light color, enhanced texture and mouthfeel so you can develop on-trend, label-friendly plant-based applications.

Our 75+ years of alternative protein and pea protein development expertise brings you a great US grown and produced solution for today’s new plant-forward innovations.

Wake-up call for well-minded consumers

Consumers are more conscious about what they eat and drink. Flexitarian consumers want it all in plant-based alternatives – they want a great taste experience without sacrificing on nutrition. Some of today’s consumers prefer to avoid soy due to perceived allergen concerns, so now is the time for pea protein to shine.

Discover how ADM’s expanding pea protein portfolio helps your nutrient-dense formulations shine with a great tasting, clean flavor, high functionality, and a great overall appearance and color, in a wide range of food and beverage products.

Partners in sustainability, from farm to finished solution

Awareness of peas as a great quality plant-based protein continues to grow, while the importance of sustainability and traceability remains high. ADM’s partnership with sustainable growers ensures great quality ingredients and consistency from farm to finished solution. We use all parts of the pea, adding value via byproducts with US origins and non-GMO sourcing (Identity-Preserved program).

ADM’s pea protein brings remarkable, clean taste, neutral color and improved functionality to fit perfectly in a range of label-friendly, sustainable alternative applications.

ADM continues to invest in emerging protein ingredients to deliver delicious innovations, with a lot of options for consumer-pleasing success.