Compact design and in-tank location make the Mixquip Portable Bung Mount IBC Mixer® simple to install and space-saving. This innovative mixer simply screws into the 50mm (2in) BSP bung hole in the centre of the 150mm (6in) cap in the centre of the top of most IBCs.

Being air driven, the Portable Bung Mount IBC Mixer® has infinitely adjustable speed and is as easy to plug in as any pneumatic-operated appliance. It also enhances the continuous running feature that is particularly useful where the material within the IBC must remain in motion day after day.

Mixquip IBC Bung Mount Mixers incorporate fold-out impeller blades with parabolic-shaped trailing edges based on our proven Superflo™ design, which generates powerful axial currents, thoroughly mixing the entire contents of the IBC.  The list of liquid materials able to be mixed in IBCs by these innovative IBC Stirrers is as diverse as water, detergent, polymers, oils, food flavours, and dangerous and corrosive liquids, including acids and thinners.

Some advantages of MIX MIXQUIP Bung Mount IBC Mixers

  • Less than 10kg – Lightweight – WHS Compliant.
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Powerful air-driven mixing motor
  • Infinite speed variation to vary mixing action via the air valve
  • Reduces mixing time
  • Suspends sediments