Global consumers are placing a renewed focus on health and wellness, fully embracing plant-based solutions. Demand shows no sign of slowing down and as more consumers continue to adopt plant protein lifestyles they are looking for increased variety that creates exciting food and beverage experiences.

Introducing ADM’s NutriFlex™ Systems

To create tailored, innovative and expertly crafted plant-based solutions products in a range of trending formats, you need the right partner. ADM’s NutriFlex™ systems allow you to bring what’s next in plant-based solutions to the world – with speed and variety – from functional building blocks to fully finished turnkey product solutions. Regardless of your production and manufacturing setup, ADM can partner to deliver a system designed for you. Count on customizable formulations and technical support from concept to finished product, to help you get to market faster.

Complete portfolio of protein-forward systems, for your needs

Create your own unique and customized plant-based products with consumer- informed, customizable plant-based solutions – from MaxFlex™ blends, to AccelFlex™ functional building blocks and fully finished EdgeFlex™ plant-based products – all designed to get you to market faster.

Integrated Convenience for Your Brand


Combine these synergistic alternative protein blends with your other functional ingredients to maximize protein, nutrition and functionality to manufacture a value-adding plant-based product.


Take these different plant-based ingredient system building blocks and add your own finishing ingredients to meet texture, structure, function & nutritional challenges as needed, to manufacture a value-adding plantbased product.


Leverage this full-service finished product delivery platform, designed for consumer success and the quickest route to market, to create
a differentiated competitive edge on consumer-preferred plant-based alternative products.