Today’s consumers are choosing more plant-based alternatives and other nutrition-forward, plant-based foods. ADM’s textured protein ingredient portfolio, consisting of textured soy, pea, wheat, bean and pulse protein, provides ideal texture, technical support and precise application expertise, so you can harvest advantages with faster speed-to-market. We’ll help you discover a clean tasting portfolio with ADM as a reliable partner who offers plant protein products backed by 75 years of experience in alternative protein design and taste expertise.

Tech savvy and more than a trend

The industry knows soy, pea and wheat proteins are in high demand since they are used most often for the influx of plant-based alternatives entering the marketplace. ADM helps you excel by educating you on the positive nutrition, high functionality, desired texture and clean taste behind our great quality textured protein ingredients. We teach our customers exactly how to use all of our textured proteins. We offer strong technical support and expertise in extrusion.

Standout in a crowded field

ADM is one of the largest soybean processors in the world, and has been advancing our broader portfolio of plant-based proteins for over 75 years. This has led us to develop an wide variety and depth of textured soy, pea, wheat, bean and pulse ingredients. This versatility and utility are ideal for a range of products and applications consumers are demanding today and will be interested in tomorrow.

More applications, more benefits

With an overwhelming demand and limits to the supply of textured ingredients, ADM streamlines your path to the right partnership for growth in this field. ADM is a one-stop partner for development with innovative, value-added consumer-preferred solutions. We will combine our great plant-based proteins with our expert flavor and color capabilities, to craft great quality textured protein applications, so you can bring industry-disrupting innovation to the market faster.

ADM’s textured protein ingredients can enhance a wide range of alternative solutions including:

  • plant-based alternatives
  • processed meat
  • bars and snacks
  • cereal
  • baking
  • nutritional products