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Balancing the razor’s edge: The steel alloys behind the world’s most durable knives

In this Q&A, we speak to Jonas Nilsson, technical business development project manager, Alleima, to learn how knifemakers are taking production to new levels of quality and sustainability with the right steel alloys.

The meat of the matter: injecting value into the marination and brining process

Willem Poos, Product Group Owner – Marination, and Victoria Metaute, Food Technologist, both at GEA Food Solutions, address how improved brining injection contributes to food quality and yield in ham and bacon production.

The best and most trusted way to remove alcohol from wines/beers/ciders

The rise in popularity of dealcoholised beverages mean that manufacturers are looking for smart solutions to meet consumer demand

People at the heart: how Honeyville puts the frontline first

Redzone’s ‘Plant of the Year’ award was presented to Honeyville, a family-owned leader in food ingredient manufacturing. Nathan Hyde, Chief Operating Officer at Honeyville, explains why people are always central to its decision-making and how Redzone’s technology has directly impacted productivity and helped its frontline workforce