Spectre raised of plant-based meat fragility as Very Good Food goes on the market
In September, Simon Harvey used The Very Good Food Co.’s challenges as an opening to dig further into the headwinds buffeting the wider plant-based meat market.

Why we’re in a critical period in the development of regenerative agriculture
In the same month, David Burrows asked: is regenerative agriculture a trend some are jumping on, or an honest attempt to overhaul a broken system?

India’s emerging plant-based meat market offers opportunities but hard work lies ahead
India is seen as a potential significant emerging market for plant-based meat products but, Mini Pant Zachariah wrote in February, building a sustainable category will not be easy.

The challenges facing food manufacturers on Scope 3 emissions
Reducing Scope 3 emissions from food manufacturers’ supply chains will take time, money and patience, Dean Best reported.

The world’s largest food companies have gone backwards on net zero
An analysis by David Burrows for Just Food of some of the food majors’ progress on net zero shows the scale of the challenge ahead.

How the meat industry is embracing automation
The world’s largest meat processors, already using tech in areas like packing, are investing in ways to make their production more automated, wrote Simon Creasey in October.

Mondelez International strategy push hits sweet spot
In May, Mondelez’s latest strategy update cheered investors, with even the snacks giant’s planned disposals sweetening the mood.

Can’t get the staff – the food industry’s labour pains
Worker numbers were expected to normalise after Covid’s worst excesses and that hasn’t happened, Andy Coyne reported in May.

Plant-based options taking root in meat-loving Germany
Meat consumption in Germany is falling and alternatives are gaining in popularity. Nonetheless, significant challenges remain for suppliers into this buoyant but small category.

How organic food can navigate the cost-of-living crisis
As inflation climbs, the price gap between conventional and organic products is shrinking, advocates told David Burrows in June.