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Ingredients, Raw Materials and Food Systems

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Established in 1926, Faravelli handles the professional distribution of ingredients and raw materials for an array of diverse industries, with customers varying in size from small and medium enterprises to large multinationals within the food processing, pet food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and cosmetic industries.
Products that the company distribute range from traditional uses of age-old raw materials to the use of newer ingredients to provide innovative solutions for modern applications. Examples include sugars and sweeteners, stabilisers, preservatives, antioxidants, leavening agents, vitamins, proteins and flavours.
To enrich and make its core business as complete as possible, Faravelli has also implemented a series of complementary activities designed to service the diverse needs of its wide-ranging customer base, with a specific focus on the food industry.

Formulation consultants for the food industry

Together with the customer, Faravelli can do the following:

  • Evaluate any specific technological and commercial need
  • Analyse the feasibility and reproducibility of the process at a scaled-up production level
  • Define the organoleptic and sensory features the finished product must have
  • Explore effective alternative solutions until the perfect finished product is reached

Application laboratory featuring modern food technology equipment

The Application Laboratory is one of Faravelli’s flagships, a modern and technological tailoring design studio in which concepts are conceived and ideas are tested using the most modern food technology equipment.
The excellent professional skills of our technologists allow a direct peer-to-peer relationship with our customers’ R&D staff, enabling them to formulate ad hoc functional systems tailored around specific needs and requirements.

Contract manufacturing from a strategic food processing partner

First-rate expertise in the selection of raw materials, giving special attention to food safety issues, and a production plant equipped with cutting-edge technologies are the essential prerequisites for being a reliable and competitive partner for our customers. Faravelli is a strategic partner that can be trusted to produce premium powder blends.

Working with FARA® Functional Systems ensures concrete, innovative and economically advantageous solutions for food processing.

Smart food systems for customisable formulation needs

While top quality raw materials and a range of complementary services are the basic elements to support customers in the development of their ideas and product concepts, sometimes something else may be required to turn an idea into a successful and long-lasting concept. With its range of functional systems under the brand FARA®, Faravelli’s mission is to provide the missing piece that transforms each formulation and product concept into a smart and customised solution and a high-quality finished product.
Based on stabilisers and emulsifiers, FARA® Functional Systems are conceived to meet customers’ specific requirements in terms of texture and stability. Choosing to work with FARA® Functional Systems guarantees concrete, innovative and economically advantageous solutions for food applications such as confectionery, sweet coatings, spreadable creams, creamy desserts, cheese, yoghurt, sour cream, ice cream, jams, bakery, sauces and dressings.
The advantages for the customer can be summarised in two words: simplification and optimisation. Simplification is synonymous with the research and approval of raw materials, quality checks and a decrease in the number of suppliers and supplier qualification processes. Optimisation means improving the production process, eliminating the need to weigh multiple individual ingredients, reducing preparation times and better managing inventory.
FARA® Functional Systems always guarantee the optimum balance between costs, innovation, and quality.

Italian production site with cutting-edge food processing technology

Faravelli’s production plant (pictured above) is located in Nerviano in the immediate outskirts of Milan, Italy.  There you can find a packaging line for customisable solutions and the Application Laboratory, where the ingredients are tested in finished goods applications.
The production factory and the Application Laboratory operate within the framework of the Faravelli quality system and are certified according to ISO, IFS, HACCP and FDA international standards.

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