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Eyeing alternatives – meat companies with stakes in meat-free and cell-based meat

20 Nov 2020

With plant-based products growing in popularity and investment in lab-created products on the rise, we present a guide on how meat manufacturers are investing in the area.

Cargill sells Venezuela assets

13 Nov 2020

The US agri-food behemoth has decided to offload its business in a Latin American market that has proven problematic for international FMCG companies in recent years.

Tyson, Cargill, Hormel among suppliers to face turkey cartel claims

28 Oct 2020

A judge in the US has ruled a group of US turkey product suppliers must face claims they conspired to increase prices.

Covid-19 food industry updates – Friday 18 September (free to read)

18 Sep 2020

just-food is providing daily updates on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the world's packaged food sector.

China 'keen to encourage foreign investment in meat – and plant-based'

31 Jul 2020

The Chinese government is reportedly keen to encourage foreign investment to develop certain food sectors.

Cherkizovo acquires foodservice plant in Russia from Cargill

20 Jul 2020

Cherkizovo Group, Russia's largest meat processor, plans to acquire a poultry plant in its domestic market.

Tyson, Cargill, National Beef, JBS 'under scrutiny in US over pricing'

8 Jun 2020

The US Department of Justice has reportedly issued an order to four meat processors for information over possible anti-trust violations.

Plant-based meat must target local tastes to succeed in China

21 May 2020

just-food's China market columnist Peter Peverelli weighs up the growing activity in the country's market for plant-based meat alternatives.

Cargill 'to shut another plant in Canada'

11 May 2020

A second Cargill meat factory in Canada is reportedly to be closed due to staff working for the US agri-food group contracting Covid-19.

Avara Foods mulls future of Cherry Valley Foods

4 May 2020

Avara Foods, a UK-based poultry processor, is proposing to close one of its business units amid challenging market conditions.

Cargill to reopen Covid-19-hit meat plant in Alberta, Canada

30 Apr 2020

US-based agri-food business Cargill is to reopen a meat plant in Canada that was closed earlier this month due to Covid-19 cases.

Cargill planning plant-based expansion in China after KFC trial

30 Apr 2020

US agri-food giant Cargill is looking to expand its plant-based food offering in a major Asian market following a successful trial of alt-meat products.

President Trump orders meat plants to stay open during pandemic

29 Apr 2020

President Donald Trump has intervened following the closure of US meat-processing plants and warnings of a shortage of produce on the shelves.

Cargill ‘to idle coronavirus-hit beef plant’

22 Apr 2020

Cargill is to reportedly suspended operations at a factory in North America as health officials said hundreds of the facility's staff have been infected with Covid-19.

Beyond Meat makes China debut with Oatly on Starbucks plant-based menu

21 Apr 2020

Beyond Meat has entered the Chinese market for the first time in a partnership with coffee chain Starbucks and will be joined on the menu by a European dairy-free firm.

Cargill meat plant in Canada linked to 358 cases of Covid-19

20 Apr 2020

US agri-food giant Cargill has been linked with a mass outbreak of Covid-19 at a meat-packing plant in Canada.

Coronavirus - Cargill reduces shifts at Alberta protein plant in Canada

16 Apr 2020

US-based agri-food business Cargill has reduced shifts at a meat processing plant in Canada amid cases of Covid-19.

Meat processing emerges as Covid-19 hot-spot in North America - analysis

15 Apr 2020

The meat industries in the US and Canada have seen factory suspensions and closures due to Covid-19. How can processors react? And what might be the impact on supply?

Coronavirus - Cargill shuts US meat plant

8 Apr 2020

US agri-food business Cargill has closed a meat plant in Pennsylvania after an undisclosed number of employees contracted coronavirus.

Cargill in plant-based push with product launch imminent

24 Feb 2020

US agri-food giant Cargill has unveiled its plans in the plant-based protein category and set a date for the launch of meat-free products.

Memphis Meats secures multi-million funding to accelerate cell-based meat launch

22 Jan 2020

Cell-based meat start-up Memphis Meats of the US has secured new funding to bring its products to market.

Ardent Mills names Angie Goldberg first chief growth officer

22 Jan 2020

US-based flour milling business Ardent Mills has appointed its first ever chief growth officer, it has announced.

US turkey giants facing court action over price-fixing claims

6 Jan 2020

Some of the biggest names in the US meat industry are being sued by food distributors over claims they conspired to keep turkey prices artificially high.

How can cell-based food reach scale?

23 Oct 2019

Interest in cellular agriculture is intensifying, with more companies forming and investors eyeing up the nascent sector. But can cell-based meat, dairy and seafood reach scale?

Nestle calls on industry to improve on deforestation

2 Oct 2019

Nestlé has admitted it will miss a 2020 target on deforestation it set ten years ago - but the company has set out how it believes the wider industry can end the practice.

Cargill to cease turkey production at Texas plant

18 Sep 2019

US agri-food business Cargill plans to cease production of fresh and frozen turkeys at one of its local plants. 

Cargill issues beef greenhouse gas pledge

26 Jul 2019

US agri-food giant Cargill has set out plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from its beef supply in North America.

Cargill and partners reveal line-up for 2019 accelerator

16 Jul 2019

US agri-food heavyweight Cargill and its partners have revealed the start-up companies taking part in the second year of its accelerator programme.

Cargill pledges more cash to fight deforestation after admitting industry target unlikely to be met

14 Jun 2019

US agri-food giant Cargill has admitted an industry goal to end deforestation by 2020 is unlikely to succeed.

Cell meat company Aleph Farms backed in new investment round

14 May 2019

Israel-based slaughter-free meat firm Aleph Farms, which is attempting to create steak in a lab, has announced funding news.





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